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Storm Damage Restoration

When storms hit your area you need help fast. One call and we’re on our way.

When strong storms hit damage to commercial buildings and homes is inevitable. DC Restoration has the manpower and equipment to get to your area quickly, anywhere in the United States. We have teams of restoration professionals standing by 24 hours a day and we can be rushing to assist you in a matter of minutes.

We can assist you with getting trees and other debris off of your structures and if you have areas that have been breached by the storms, we’ll quickly get those areas tarped off so we can reduce the chance for more damage. If necessary we’ll install fencing around your building and hire emergency security personnel to stand guard, protecting your property.

Next we’ll work quickly to further reduce the opportunity of more damage and then set a plan in motion to get the damaged areas repaired and put back together in brand new condition.

We can assist you with the restoration of your entire building, glass replacement, roof repair, air conditioner repair or replacement, drying and dehumidification, emergency power, electronics restoration, contents restoration and the list goes on.

For more information on our storm damage restoration service call us at the number above or submit the form on the left and we’ll be in touch.

When you need help, make one call and we’re on our way.