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Mold Remediation

Mold growth occurs when mold spores land on moist surfaces. There are many different kinds of molds, and none of them can grow without water. When the mold spores find a moisture source, mold growth becomes inevitable. If moisture is not controlled and the mold growth is left to spread, there will be an extensive mold infestation.

The worst consequence of mold growth or mold infestation is poor health. The presence of mold in the indoor environment can compromise the health of the occupants in the building or home. Even shor tem exposure to mold has been linked to serious health conditions such as lung disease and brain damage. With this in mind mold problems should be addressed immediately to maintain the health of the family.

DC Restoration is very experienced with all levels of mold remediation. Our mold remediation professionals are trained in handling hazardous materials and know the correct procedures for getting rid of the mold infestation and renovating a structure to its as new condition.

For more information on our mold remediation programs call us at the number above or submit the form on the left and we’ll be in touch.

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