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Fire Damage Restoration

Fires can erupt without notice and a building can be fully engulfed in a matter of moments.  Businesses can be destroyed by fires and it’s not just the loss of a structure and its contents – but it’s the loss of revenue, employees and reputation that also need to be managed.

The first 24-48 hours after a building or home has been damaged by fire are critical in determining what restoration means are required, so be sure to call in DC Restoration quickly after a fire.

When we arrive we will stabilize your property and then we’ll start to access priorities with you. For example, maybe it’s most important to you to get your server room backup first – whatever your top priority is, this is where we will concentrate first.

We will assist you with getting the contents of your building packed out and sent to our cleaning facilities. We’ll quickly access what items are salvageable and what items were destroyed by the fire. We’ll then work quickly to get your structure tarped off so we can reduce the chance for more damage.

If necessary we’ll install fencing around your building and hire emergency security personnel to stand guard, protecting your property.

Next we’ll work quickly to further reduce the opportunity of more damage and then set a plan in motion to get the damaged areas repaired and put back together in brand new condition.

Keep in mind that the soot produced when putting out a fire can be acidic and the soot that gets into the contents of a building will quickly accelerate the deterioration of the items. DC Restoration has content cleaning and electronic cleaning professionals who can use state-of-the-art technology to  mediate damages.

We can assist you with the restoration of your entire building, glass replacement, roof repair, air conditioner repair or replacement, drying and dehumidification, emergency power, electronics restoration, contents restoration, wireless Internet communications, VoIP phone service and the list goes on.

We are experts at helping people when disaster strikes and our professionals have the technology at their fingertips to help get your business back and up running ASAP.  

When you need help, make one call and we’re on our way.

For more information about our Fire Damage restoration service call us at the number above or submit the form to the left and we’ll be in touch,