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Drying and Dehumidification

Psychometrics is the term used to describe a structural drying process that weighs many variables of a building such as - proper placement and amount of drying equipment, number of air exchanges per hour, how to track hidden moisture and how to recognize and document goal-attainment.

The DC Restoration technicians are well trained in this science. DC Restoration uses very sophisticated dehumidification and monitoring equipment to ensure effective results and elimination of environmental hazards. When done quickly and correctly the drying process of a building or home can virtually eliminate issues with contamination such as mold growth.

DC Restoration has a large selection of drying equipment available to handle any size of job. We use specialty moisture reading equipment to measure the effectiveness of the drying process and determine when materials have reached normal levels.

Our technicians are trained to seek out hidden water damage, which if left undetected can quickly turn into problems in the not so distant future. 

Find out more about our about our drying and dehumidification process by calling the number above, or submit the form on the left and we’ll be in touch.