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Document Restoration

Years ago, books and other important documents that were damaged by fire, flood or bacteria were thrown away because there were no reliable means of restoring these items.

Today, DC Restoration has the technology to restore important papers, books, files, and documents. We can restore the appearance of these documents and extend the useable life of the item.

Quick Action is the Key

Keep in mind, that if our technicians can start working on the damaged items more quickly the deterioration of the items is halted, and this reduces the need for heavy restorative processes.

DC Restoration can restore audio tapes, blue prints, books, diskettes, documents, drawings, files, film, manuscripts, maps, microfilm paintings,  photographs, architectural plans, video tapes or discs, and vital records.

We Can Restore Water Damaged Files

DC Restoration can successfully restore all types of delicate paper items. Our technicians can successfully restore documents from a single document to entire libraries.

We Can Restore Smoke or Fire Damaged Books and Papers

Our state-of-the-art cleaning processes include the latest methods available and include ionized air washing and deodorization. Our de-acidification process helps to restore the chemical balance of the books or paper.

For more information on our document restoration service call us at the number above or submit the form on the left and we’ll be in touch.