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Asbestos Abatement

At DC Restoration we understand the health, safety and liability factors involved in any form of remediation or abatement. We understand that this form of damage is very time sensitive.  

DC Restoration has highly developed containment, construction, and remediation techniques to comply with the EPA, OSHA, NYC Health Department, Asbestos Institute and IICRC Guidelines.

We do extensive testing, take numerous moisture readings and are constantly evaluating and monitoring the entire remediation process to ensure that a certified clearance is achieved.

When you experience these forms of losses; proper evaluation, containment, removal, disposal and clearance procedures are very important.  DC Restoration has established a track record of trusted and proven performances in the field of asbestos abatements that solidify our expertise and commitment for a healthy environment.

For additional information about asbestos abatement or any of our other services contact the number above or complete the form on the left and we’ll be in touch.